About Us Bone & Busk

Our story begins in 2006

Established in 2006 our process begins with sourcing the highest quality coutils and hardware from Europe for our corsetry. We believe in knowing the provenance of our materials to follow the true tenets of the Slow Fashion Movement. All of our leather is sourced from Indigenous hunters, because we believe in supporting local communities: every leather garment you buy helps provide food for a community. Our ready-to-wear fabrics are sourced within Canada, because we believe in lowering our carbon footprint as best as we can.


Influenced by…

Our corsets are influenced by our designer’s antique corsetry collection with each pattern hand-drafted and cut to fit the modern body with over 15 years of experience. We have serviced a variety of clients from experienced tightlacers to specialty brace-work for individuals living with scoliosis, couture bridal gowns and circus artists seeking a flexible, durable costume piece. In 2015, we launched our ready-to-wear corsetry line for wholesale and retail, constructing each piece in our studio in Toronto by highly trained corsetieres.

Our patterns for our ready-to-wear corsetry went through several iterations for test-fitting, with measurement data compiled from over hundreds of custom client drafts which ensures that our ready-to-wear collection has the best fit possible for an off-the-rack garment.

Traditionally Waisted

Our bespoke work follows the traditional methodology for pattern drafting and construction: over 20 measurements are taken of our client and a completely new block is created from which the pattern is brought to life. Our bespoke corsetry requires several fitting sessions to ensure a superior fit. We use couture stitching to provide a clean, professional finish to our garments.

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We are always happy to create custom and bespoke works for our clientele. Please use the form below to start the process.