Collection: Scottish Registrar Official Street Performer Tartan

Created through the generous support of the Busking Project and the Scottish Registrar, the official tartan of street performers was designed as a community effort by Katharina Mior in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2019. 

Our tartan is comprised of the colours black, red, gray and gold. These colours, and the thread count associated with, bear significance to the fabric of the global street performing community.

Black and red are the primary colours, paying hommage to the traditional colours of circus costumes. The black represents the serious commitment performers dedicate to their craft: a thread count of 100 represents the time-honoured saying "A performer does not have a show until they have performed their act 100 times" The red symbolizes the clown nose, expressing the rebellious spirit of street theatre practitioners, as well as their passion for their craft. The gold represents the physical currency performers collect at the end of their shows, and symbolizes good fortune; the gray represents the pavement on which street performers build their stages in cities, with a thread count of 24 to remind us that at any given time, on any given day, somewhere in the world a street performer is bringing audiences together in laughter.

We are extremely honoured to be offered official street performer tartan products for you to show your love of these incredible artists. A percentage of each sale will go to the community to help provide resources to performers and street performer associations in need. This has been a labour of love to produce and we hope you enjoy the beautiful pieces we have made for you to enjoy.