I have never worn a corset before! Where do I start?

When purchasing a corset, ask yourself: 'what are my goals?' If you are looking to waist train (augment your body over time), tightlace (gradually lace your corset tighter than a traditional 4" reduction), support wear or simply a statement outerwear piece, we have you! Never settle for less than the best: especially if you have waist training goals in mind, ensure that you are purchasing a garment that uses cotton coutil as the foundation fabric (a traditionally tightly woven herringbone weave that prevents stretching over time while promoting breathability). If you have never worn a corset before, we recommend our two most popular styles of underbust, our waspie and our classic Victorian underbust. 

What are your corset shapes?

Our patterns are drafted from blocks that are inspired by Victorian shaping, but fit for the modern body. 

Ready to Wear Shapes:

-Standard Victorian Underbust
-Longline Underbust
-Tulip (demi-cup) Underbust
-Classic Victorian Overbust

Custom and Bespoke Shapes:

-Same collection as our ready to wear, but fitted to your unique shape
-Longline Overbust
-Garter Overbust
-Antique Reproductions (please inquire about specifics)
-Garter Underbust
-Butterfly Overbust
-Medical braces

We focus on the 'wasp waist' and hourglass silhouettes.

Conical or Cupped Ribs?

Our ready to wear and custom corsets are drafted to taper your ribcage comfortably with a modern fit, to emulate Victorian silhouettes. However, we are happy to produce cupped or pipe stem waists as a bespoke item.

Flat Front or Dished Side Profile?

Our corsets are cut for modern bodies, and to be worn under modern clothing, and, as a result, follow a flat front silhouette profile. However, we do quite a lot of reproduction work, and are happy to accommodate specific side profile shapes as a bespoke item.

What is the Difference Between Ready to Wear, Custom and Bespoke?

The balancing act when ordering a small batch produced garment lies in the relationship between quality, expedience and affordability. At Bone & Busk, we strive hard to offer the best value as possible for whichever price point you are looking to spend within.

Ready to wear refers to products that are based upon our standard size charts, provided within a limited range of fabric options and finishes. Our ready to wear is ready to ship product. This option is wonderful for your starter corset: a foundation piece for under your clothing, or a fashion piece to compliment any outfit, and is available for immediate purchase in store.

Custom refers to 'made to measure', using our ready to wear block and price as the starting point. If you generally fit our ready to wear shaping, but would like a corset made with a fancier fabric, antique style bone casings (single, as opposed to the modern double-bone casing on each seam), embellishment, etc, then this is a more economical choice than bespoke. Many of our couture pieces are bespoke items, but we can replicate them as a custom option, which can be more affordable. This option is great if bespoke may be cost prohibitive, but you want a couture inspired garment. If you would like to adjust the underbust or hip measurements, we can do this included in the agreed upon fee. This does not include a mockup service. This option is wonderful if you fit our standard sizes and would like a uniquely embellished or coloured corset.

Bespoke refers to a garment made entirely to your unique measurements. It is an intensive fit process that includes up to 2 mock up fittings in the price of your quote. Our bespoke base price reflects a custom block from which we build your pattern, resulting in a basic coutil corset of your choice. If you would like fancy fabrics, embellishment, etc., that is negotiated on top of the base fee on a case to case basis depending upon what you would like. This option is perfect for you if you are a career tightlacer, have specific medical conditions, or are a dedicated corsetwearer who is looking for a showpiece.

How Long Does the Custom or Bespoke Process Take?

Custom Corsets typically take between 2-6 weeks depending on whether or not you request a mockup service. We begin processing once a 50% deposit is placed for the item. We ship mockups out within 2 weeks, and begin processing your final order once your mockup is returned. The faster you return your mockup, the quicker we send out your final garment!

Bespoke corsets can take upwards of 6-8 weeks, depending on the nature of the garment (how much embellishment work is expected on the final product, if there is a complicated fitting situation with a brace or bespoke body augmentation piece) We begin processing once a 25% deposit is placed for the item. Depending upon the drafting requirements, we strive to ship mockups out within 2-4 weeks, and begin processing your order once your mockup is returned/you have come in for your mockup fitting appointment. Final garment production times vary depending on what you are ordering. We will discuss the approximate wait time for your final piece in the initial discussion. Throughout the bespoke process, we check in, provide photographic evidence of each stage, and encourage your active engagement throughout the process. We believe bespoke should be a fun, collaborative experience!

Is Your Boutique Open to the Public?

Yes we are! We operate as a traditional atelier, with scheduled by appointment only days, and retail days.

Mon- Wed: by appointment
Thus - Sat: 12pm - 6pm (winter hours)
Thus - Sat: 11am - 7pm (summer hours)
Sunday: 12-5pm


I don't live in Toronto, How can I purchase a custom or bespoke corset from you?

We are happy set up an online video or email discussion about what you are looking for, assist with self-measurement taking, draft the pattern and send you a mockup with instructions on how to mark it for your fitting (we can do this either via email or in a video chat). When you send the mockup back, we will produce your final garment for you, keeping you updated all the way through your order!

I have scoliosis/back injury, and I read about you on Lucy Corsetry as an expert. Please explain.

Bone & Busk have been the leading innovators in integrated corsetry and asymmetrical bracework since we operated under the label Totally Waisted, over a decade ago. We do work with individuals with specific injury and while we stress that our garments are not corrective, they do assist in pain management. We generally ask our clients some questions to assist us in determining how we can best help you. Feel free to message us for more information. 

Who Makes My Clothes?

At Bone & Busk, we work both with a small batch manufacturer locally in Toronto, and produce limited products in house. Items that fall under locally produced garments are:
ready to wear bridal

Our in-house products include:
bespoke bridal

We do not offer alterations on any ready to wear garments, however, we do have individuals we work with, and are happy to recommend for any alterations.

We do not reproduce available products from other suppliers. 

What is your return policy?

For ready to wear clothing we offer in store exchange only, as we produce limited size runs per garment, per season. For corsetry, custom or bespoke items we do not offer exchange or refunds. If a bespoke order does not go according to plan, we waive the final deposit fee. We do our best to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, and offer repairs on manufacturing defects up until 6 months from the date of purchase. Wear and tear is a subjective term, and will be addressed on a case by case scenario to determine if your product qualifies under our guidelines. Please email us should you have any concerns with your purchsase.