Our corsetry is our signature garment. With over 20 years experience producing corsetry for brides, tightlacers, stage performers, circus artists, medical support, and introduction for beginners to the world of waist training, we have you!

All of our corsetry is produced using German coutil, sprung steel (of varying weights), two part steel grommets and a staytape at the waist to ensure your corset fits you like a glove.

Our ready to wear collection is produced using hand-drafted custom blocks based upon data we have collected from many years of fitting individuals, which mean our fit is accurate to what the world experiences as opposed to a standard block. Prices begin at $398.

Our custom designs allow you to experience bespoke fabrics and finishing without the price-tag of a fully custom piece. Prices begin at $498.

Our bespoke is hand-drafted to fit your body perfectly, and finished with the highest couture skills we have, with luxury fabrics and embellishments at your disposal. Prices begin at $1800.

Message us if you have specific requirements.

Pictured: Faery wearing a bespoke corset body